Focus Travel Partnership the leading business travel consortium for the SME, will offer bespoke Cranfield School of Management sessions to their TMC Partners to help future proof the SME TMC sector.

These sessions build on a collaboration between Focus Travel Partnership’s recovery steering group and the business school during the pandemic on the specific challenges the SME TMC face. In addition there are two new September sessions, firstly around recovery and financial planning and secondly on USPs, the competitive advantage and understanding the customer.

Abby Penston, CEO of Focus Travel Partnership said: “Focus Travel Partnership TMCs have proven their business and leadership credentials over the past 18 months and have weathered the pandemic as strong businesses.

“But as we move out of another year impacted by disruption and uncertainty for our sector, it is vital we all play a part to ensure we all cross the finish line together.

“Working with the team at Cranfield has allowed the Focus Travel Partners to access the best business management expertise to futureproof the SME TMC sector. A valuable partnership is based on collaboration and mutual understanding and the Cranfield team have engaged with the TMC community to deliver a bespoke programme of training sessions that will strengthen our TMCs resolve to not just survive this pandemic but to come out the other side stronger and ready to assist in kick starting a return to responsible business travel.”

Penston added “We’re also delighted that our Supplier Partners Singapore Airlines and Travelogix have agreed to partner with Focus Travel Partnership to support these sessions. I am extremely proud that we’re able to deliver these incredibly valuable sessions to help aid our TMC Partners and strengthen our sector. This is where we demonstrate the ‘in this together’ spirit and what makes our industry truly amazing!”