Focus Travel Partnership are very pleased to announce an exciting collaboration with Trees4Travel. The Trees4Travel proposition is simple but highly effective.

If any of you watched the recent, truly moving and inspiring Sir David Attenborough film “A life on our plant”, then you might understand why Focus have decided to team up with Trees4Travel. The solution that Sir David proposes, to address the greatest concern of our time, is to rewild the world by planting more forests. This is exactly what the Trees4Travel initiative is all about.

The subject of CO2 reporting and management within corporate travel programmes is gaining pace. Travel Managers are asking our TMC Partners for detailed reports on carbon emissions and schemes to offset CO2 from air, rail and car travel as well as hotel stays.

Focus Travel Partnership is therefore proud to recommend that our TMC Partners work with Trees4Travel to fulfil both carbon measurement and more importantly carbon offsetting.

Pascal Benn, Business Solutions Manager at Focus states:

“The simplicity of the scheme is where it wins as people can relate to planting trees. Simple examples help to illustrate the offset needed for typical trips, for example a trip on Eurostar from London to Paris with a three-night hotel stay will be offset in ten years by planting one tree. Or a flight from Sydney to Singapore with a three-night hotel stay would require fourteen trees to be planted to offset after ten years.”

One key point here is the target duration to offset is ten years. Of course, the tree lives far longer than that and continues to do its job of removing CO2 from the air and storing carbon in its tissues and surrounding soil for many years after. Therefore, we not only offset the CO2 from the trip itself but also for many previous trips that were made without any offsetting in place.

Travel Management Companies can submit their trip data to Trees4Travel in a standardised way, via a simple CSV file or through the free API. Trees4Travel will calculate the CO2 based on DEFRA protocols. Then trees are planted, and the location shared. The corporations funding the tree planting can even view via photos and video footage from satellite imaging of their forest. They will receive monthly CO2 reports showing the total emitted versus the amount absorbed, along with the 10-year target.

The forest projects selected are certified and vetted plantations from around the world. They are selected because they have the highest possible environmental impact as well as social impact with regards to supporting local communities.

Focus Travel Partnership are committed to responsible travel and are delighted to be part of the Trees4Travel initiative.