Focus Travel Management Companies – Global Locations

At Focus Travel Partnership we are always working to support our partners and seeking ways to add value to their membership which in turn provides a better service and opportunity to them and ultimately their corporate customers.

Through continual growth the Partnership is providing global opportunities for our Independent Travel Management Companies, making the world a smaller place and delivering endless business opportunities.

The partnership is vital in providing a network for smaller independent travel management companies enabling them to compete on the world stage against larger competitors however with an enhanced service offering to support the growth of their customers. Focus Travel Partnership provide global opportunities to work with like-minded organisations that provide excellent service. Across six continents we have representation from 200+ companies and this network converges to provide excellent service provision, unbeatable airfares, and ultimately happy customers.

For more information on our global reach please contact your nearest partner which you can use our map for establishing which partner that is or alternatively contact our Business Development manager Anne Marie Crawford who will be delighted to make introductions and assist in building a global business travel network to suit your needs

Our reach is global, with Travel Management Partners represented in all continents around the world. Contact us for more information on how we can work together to expand your Global reach at