The Focus Travel Partnership, the UK’s leading business travel consortium, has appointed three new Board Directors to join its existing Board.

Tina Rose – MD of Chartwell Travel (part of the Ovation Travel Group), Nick Scott – MD of arrangeMy and Mark Colley – MD of Sunways Sustainable Business Travel, will join existing TMC Board members Mick Gibbs – Chairman of the Norad Travel Group, Cilla Goldberger – MD of ABT-UK and Wendy Walker – Director of Wotton Travel.

The Partnership Board, which is led by CEO Abby Penston, is made up exclusively of its TMC Partners plus non-exec Chairman Adrian Parkes.

CEO Abby Penston said “The appointment of these three new Directors is a huge leap forward for the Focus Travel Partnership. Each new Director brings with them a wealth of experience, from which I am certain, will greatly contribute to an already successful Board.

Tina has a strong and solid background in business travel as well as the Focus Travel Partnership. She brings an insight from the larger TMC arena which will greatly support the Partnership’s vision for growth.

Mark’s career has included roles in investment banking, hospitality, and marketing. Mark has played an integral role within the Focus Tech Steering Group for five years, supporting the Partnership through innovative technology.

Nick has continually grown the arrangeMy business and brand, including throughout the pandemic. This entrepreneurial mindset will assist in driving the Partnership into 2022 and far beyond. Nick has a wealth of experience with associations, having held senior positions with the HBAA.”