Focus Travel Partnership CEO Abby Penston led the awards ceremony at our Focus Leaders Conference which took place on 22nd March at the Etihad Stadium.

Business leaders from across the Focus Partnership and industry suppliers came together to network and innovate. This year’s powerful theme was “think forward, focus now”.

The award categories were competitive, here’s the gallery featuring our well deserved winners.

Focus leaders

Leaders of sustainability, supplier – United Airlines

Leaders of sustainability, tmc – Sunways Travel

Leaders of embracing change, tmc – TravelPerk

Leaders of engagement, supplier – British Airways Account Management Team

focus leaders

Leaders of innovation, supplier – Travelport

Leaders of innovation, tmc – Traveltrust
Leaders of communication, supplier – Emirates

Leaders of support, supplier – Lufthansa Group

Focus Leaders

Leader of leaders – James Beagrie, Meon Valley Travel

Focus leaders

Lifetime of leadership, Francesco Deluca – Omega World Travel