Over the last month we have all faced many trials and tribulations, sadly many of us personally and most of us professionally. When reflecting on this crisis so far and all the challenges that it has bought to our Business Travel community in particular, it has also highlighted very many areas to be thankful for.

Every Thursday at 8pm we all come together as a Nation to clap in support of our NHS and all their amazing staff working tirelessly to tend to their patients under the most unimaginable circumstances. The admiration we all feel for these individuals is overwhelming and installed a sense of protective pride in our Amazing NHS.

Amongst our own network of professionals I am constantly filled with pride and appreciation for how we too, when faced with unbelievable difficulties and challenges; have come together in support of one another.

Competitors supporting one another, suppliers prioritising assistance over profit and associations working collaboratively! With this in mind we would like to launch the #FocusThanks campaign across social media channels and we invite our Business Travel Community to recognise and promote their appreciation for those who during this crisis have offered support.

We are stronger together, together we will succeed! Please join us in sharing your appreciation

Use the #FocusThanks to show your support during this time, whether it’s an individual person who just helped you on a bad day, or a company who you feel is fighting the travel industry’s cause, we ask you to virtually applause them with a #FocusThanks.

Abby Penston – Focus CEO