Get to know Focus Board member Cilla Goldberger

How did you get into the travel industry and how old were you? I was 26, and following years of unsociable working hours in hotels, I decided to look for a career with more earthly hours….little did I know!

What is your favourite destination to visit for business? A difficult one, but probably New York, so long as you can get away.

What is your top bucket list destination you haven’t been to yet and why? South America in general, but Brazil in particular. I had a big trip planned there when I was 19 which never came to fruition in the end, and till today I have still not made it to South America at all.

Would you ever consider leaving the travel industry and why? Never say never.

What changes will the industry see following the covid-19 pandemic? I believe there is already a lot more demand and understanding of what TMCs do due to the changing demands. Hopefully this will not be forgotten too quickly, and the recognition of the services provided by a TMC will become more widely respected and invaluable to all corporate businesses.

What are the top benefits for your company to be part of the Focus Travel Partnership? Naturally the fare programme is a huge benefit, but more than that we gain valuable industry knowledge and recognition. As smaller TMCs it is not possible to recognise and review every possible service and opportunity that would benefit our company. Being a Partner at Focus means not only opening up opportunities and doors, but also our eyes.

Its an open bar in the airline lounge before a long flight, what drink are you ordering? Going to have to be a G&T, not too much ice please!